Lahochi is an impressive energy healing technique, acknowledged for its simplicity, its power and its efficiency.

Accessible to all without any prerequisite, Lahochi is taught over a day and gives all necessary tools to practice energy healings of a remarkable quality for oneself or others.

However, many of those practicing it ignore a great part of its amazing potential.

Starting from this observation, Didier Combé felt the need of sharing his experience and his knowledge of the Lahochi as well as his many discoveries after several years of practice. 

This book was written to help everyone who wants to discover this wonderful energy technique as well as showing under a different light this wonderful gift from the higher spheres to anyone already practicing or teaching Lahochi.

Simple and additional techniques will also allow to go further into one’s way to benefit from the Lahochi’s energy.Unique channellings will establish a solid ground in order to understand the foundations and the depth of this energy system.

This book is truly unique, on more than one level!



What is Lahochi ?

Origin, history 


Unique characteristcs of Lahochi ?


Limits of Lahochi


Values, personnal and professional ethiczq


How does Lahochi work ?


Benefits of Lahochi


Points to consider before getting training Lahochi


Bibliography and Ressources

Chapter 1


What is Lahochi ?


Lahochi is a powerful energy technique allowing anyone practicing it, after a specific initiation, to be connected with the universal energy of Life which is in a very high vibration, probably one of the highest amongst those at the disposal of humanity today.

Lahochi allows an easy return of balance on all the levels of one’s being as well as facilitating the personal and spiritual evolution. In this regard, Lahochi is one of the wonderful spiritual gifts at our disposal and its benefits are many.

Just like Mikao Usui’s traditional Reiki, it turns out Lahochi works by:

  • Channeling universal life energy, meaning, one person’s ability to set the energy, that underlies everything that lives, in motion, in order to transmit it to oneself in the case of a self-treatment or to others in the case of an energetic healing session.

  • Apposition of hands over specific positions on the body, according precise modalities, which allows to optimize the transfer of Lahochi energy and make it fully available to the person receiving it. This potential of energy put at the latter’s disposal will be used fully, partially or not at all according to one’s needs and conscious or unconscious will.

Lahochi stands out above all by its extreme simplicity and great potency.

Contrary to other energy systems, its simplicity lies in the fact that Lahochi does not use symbols or energy keys. Moreover, an energy session only mobilizes five hand positions over the body (head, shoulders/arms, torso, hips/legs and the heart area) and only four in the case of a self-treatment. Learning and practicing are therefore greatly simplified.

Lahochi’s power finds its source in the fact that it utilizes a much higher frequency of the Light or Universal energy of Life. Accessing to that very high frequency allows one to notice its uniqueness and quick benefits on several aspects:

  • Well-being: Lahochi brings a great inner calmness, a powerful relaxing feeling that is difficult to describe, and which would be a mix of softness, warmth, release of one’s tensions, letting-go and well-being on a global level of one’s being.
  • Presence: Receiving Lahochi puts us in a very specific state of consciousness: while being very present, very aware of one’s environment and of what is happening during the session, one can very clearly feel that part of oneself is traveling elsewhere. Of course, some fall asleep downright, or else cheerfully snore, but still, it is most often a very specific sleep where one can perceive and feel.
  • Greater wellness: Lahochi strongly contributes to a return to a balanced state and to what one could call “energy homeostasis”, meaning a powerful support to the harmony of your energy system. Surely it calls onto your major chakras, but in direct combination with the minor chakras for increased effectiveness. The chakra’s ternary system also known as meridians, is not to be left out as we will see in the history of Lahochi as well as in its benefits. Therefore, the body’s whole energy system is powerfully stimulated by Lahochi thanks to that synergy which, thereby, contributes to a greater well-being on all levels.



A book to discover Lahochi like no other one !

J'adore ! J ai lu ce livre avant de commencé la formation LaHoChi. Il est vraiment très bien et j'ai hâte d'être initié !!!

Laetitiai, 12-2019. Livre : « Lahochi ». Source : Amazon.fr

Très beau livre sur le Lahochi. L'auteur nous dévoile tout ce qu'il a pu découvrir au fil de ces années de pratique. J'ai constaté aussi que toute la méthode n'est pas donné mais l'auteur nous prévient des le départ. Je le recommande pour découvrir et surtout pour approfondir sa pratique...une mine d'or !!!

Frédéric DI GIOVANNI, 09-2015. LIVRE : « LAHOCHI. Source : AMAZON.FR

Le livre sur le LaHoChi que j'attendais. Un ouvrage complet sur cette merveilleuse énergie qu'est le LaHoChi. Tout y est abordé: les origines, sa mise en oeuvre, le sceau de protection,… , plus des méthodes pour améliorer sa pratique. C'est avec beaucoup d'humilité et d'honnêteté que Mr Combé nous livre son expérience. Je recommande cet e-book ou le livre à tous les pratiquants et enseignants du LaHoChi et je conseillerai aux futurs personnes que j'aurai le plaisir d'initier d'acquérir le livre. Je vais d'ailleurs m'offrir aussi la version papier. Merci à vous Mr Combé pour cet ouvrage éclairant sur cette lumineuse énergie qu'est le le LaHoChi.

Du Corps à l’Âme, 12-2014. Livre : « LAHOCHI ». Source : AMAZON.FR

J'ai adoré le livre. Très complet et précis avec des anecdotes sur la vie d'un thérapeute.

Anonyme, 08-2020. LIVRE : « LAHOCHI ». Source : AMAZON.FR


Didier COMBÉ is a certified Lahochi Master for more than 10 years.

After a career in human resources, he dedicates himself to promoting and teaching Lahochi, this exceptional technique, after having made many discoveries and channellings.

Psychic and channelling several beings of Light, he teaches, in France, traditional Usui Reiki as well as several other energy systems of the new golden age.

He also proposes energy healings, spiritual coaching, he practices past life’s regressions through Hypnose Spirituelle® and he provides sound healing with Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks.

Didier COMBÉ


Lahochi (English version)

L'Ancrage Énergétique



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